Angela Reinalda


Angela Reinalda is an alternative artist and a Licensed acupuncturists, she uses her media to help people heal spiritually through deep subconscious examination.
The artist had been producing mesmerizing pieces already by the time we met her, what she was missing was going “Digital”. She needed diverse platforms where she could showcase her Art and expand her selling horizons.

Branding and Website.

We supported her vision by creating a custom branding which explained exactly who she is and the importance of her healing art.
Built a portfolio website with Webflow adding all the necessary information for her audience to understand her concept and get in touch with her, added curated images and mock- ups of her pieces in beautiful interiors.

Social Media Management.

We also did social media management with a well structured plan to help her gain visibility and reach new prospects.

We knew how important it was for her to grow some international audience, that is why there were used three different languages when creating posts: German, English and Spanish.

Other used strategies were applying different contemporary art and healing art related hashtags. Angela’s Instagram profile -@angelareinalda.official- gained more than a thousand and five-hundred organic followers and a higher interaction.


Today Angela is happy with her results as she is getting new clients to heal through Art. Generating earnings out of her favorite hobby with professional assets and a visual storytelling thanks to social media and a complete website.
As a growing business we know we will have other opportunities for future collaboration and we are ready for the next challenge to help Angela Reinalda reach for the stars!

Visit their website here!
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