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Beatriz Biagi is high end Jewellery designer with several years of experience in the field in and outside of Italy (Expanding from Mexico to India , from England to Germany). Today her horizon is to share her experiences and knowledge to students from all over the world.
Her experience in the Jewelery design industry, translated in a deep background and endless search for innovation and eventually evolved in the desire to teach, and transmit this experiences to new generations.

NEED: Her brand needed to transform into a sharing experience. The goal was to elevate her social media platforms and attract new students and people willing to learn from a true master. Showcasing her knowledge and worldwide experience in a harmonious way.

For this it was necessary to create a community around her image and the quality of her teachings.

PROPOSAL: We reshaped her profile, as a timeline, showcasing Highlights in her career, which would be appealing to young students, and references to innovative methods, to underline the forward looking attitude to so important and present within her design ideology. This two strong elements created a story telling, that is relatable and brings up curiosity in possible students.

OUTCOME: Beatriz Biagi as a mentor evolved from a small Online tutorship to full specialized courses. Using all her very specific experience to create pen sums of different areas. Being able to create a more diverse international community of students within the Industry. Nowadays Beatriz Biagi is growing as a stronger and wider mentor-ship platform.

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