Biagi Real Estate

How we helped BIAGI Real Estate rank #1 in SEO.

Biagi Real Estate is a Mexican Real Estate Agency selling luxurious residential properties along the Yucatán Peninsula. White sand beaches and blue skies, when Arturo, the owner, asked for our help at the beginning of his project we knew we had the right assets to work with! But how did he succeeded in a saturated market where big Mexican and American companies were already leading?

Our mission was to help our client start off with their agency in a modern way. Where our major goals were creating a consistent branding and a responsive Website which would rank high in terms of organic search through Internet browsers.

Being a family owned business the name took a big part on the identity of the company and in our advantage when it came to client- agent relationship it did felt more local than buying from one of the big fishes.

We started by guiding Arturo with the web domain acquisition, connecting it to the hosting which in this case was Webflow and created the design and website implementing CMS (“content management system” a tool for managing and publishing dynamic content inside the website) to help showcase correctly their real estate listings.

Branding and Logo creation.

As a company based in the Mexican Caribbean, Biagi Real Estate needed a logo and branding that felt like being in a tropical vacation but also in the right spot to look for investment. That’s why we designed a logo where the symbol of “location”, a tropical leaf and a house merged together.

SEO & key words.

Now a days SEO is fundamental and details like using the right key words and the correct connection of Google Search Console can make a huge difference in organic search.


Working with Biagi Real Estate and helping them reach visibility in a short amount of time and with a good kick in the market was reached thanks to the good market research, name and domain selection and a high quality website with amazing properties. With more than 150 users per month entering their website (data from Google Analytics) we can say Biagi Real Estate is starting to position itself in the market.

We are happy to be part of this project and we know this is just the beginning!

Visit their website here!
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